SPR700 - Multiplied Working Efficiency

Excellent Picking Performance

The machine adopts high propelling main nozzles,and setting auxiliary main nozzles as a stard configuration.It uses hige speed response electromagnetic vales ensuring excellent picking performance.Compressed air consumption save 30%than similar products.

Elector-Magnetic Calves with Stable Performance

High speed respones electro-magnetic valves not only have a stable and reliable performance but also an exceedingly long operating life.

Six Rows display of Broken Warp

Six rows display of broken warp enables one to quickly find the broken warps and hence increase weaving efficiency

Minimal Vibration

A frame strure with super rigidity ensures little vibration of the weaving machine even at high speeds.

WUXI SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.owned by Wuxi Jingye Science and Technology Co., Ltd.is a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery founded in March 2004, which specializes in developing and manufacturing bran-new air-jet weaving machine.