SPR700 - Scientific and Economical Management

The Highest Price-Performance ratio
Being one of the air-jet weving machines,which has the highest price-performance ratio in the world,Surprise SPR700 can produce top-ranking cloth most economically.
Operational Convenience
Based on ergonomic principles,Surprise SPR700 has the air pressure operating area designed within hand’s reach which not only offers a pleasant appearance and ease of operation,but also accentuates the elegance of the overall design.
Reduction of Air Consumption
There is an electro-magnetic valve control for every four relay nozzles,which ensures precise and comact jetting as well as reduction of air consumption.
Well-balanced Beating Motion
The beating mechanism,which is designed by dynamic analysis and calculation,achieves beating stability and minimizes vibration at high speeds.

WUXI SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.owned by Wuxi Jingye Science and Technology Co., Ltd.is a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery founded in March 2004, which specializes in developing and manufacturing bran-new air-jet weaving machine.