In view of the customer requirement of high speed,high convenience and high quality,with the aim of providing a weaving machine to produce the highest quality fabric in the simplest way,WUXI SPR has developed the Surprise SPR 7010 which crystallizes mechatronic and modern industrial design concepts,combining and perfecting all details inclyding appearance,frame structure,shedding,beating,picking and let-off.SPR700 stands out from the rest.

More Efficiency

Paying much attention to the Price/Performance ratio,the Surprise SPR700 successfully solves the problem between high-speed performance,low vibration and economical quality,by strengthening vibration and economical quality,by strengthening the well balanced beating mechanism and efficient picking system with the newly designed strong frame structure.

Appearance with More Elegance

Introducing the concept of industrial design into the textile industry,which is transforming from traditional types to modern types,the Surprise SPR700 brings us a brand-new image of weaving machines in both quality and appearance.

Wider Application

Surprise SPR700 is adaptive to all kinds of shedding devices.Fabrics composed of yarns of different material and different counts which traditionally belonged to the weaving range of rapier looms,can now be woven by Surprise with higher speed and quaity.

Pursuit of Higher Quality

The Surprise SPR700 can adequately your needs for high quality fabric production.By incorporating the available optional accessories into the extensive list of standard parts,the Surprise machine is able to produce the highest quality fabrics to suit all your requirements.

User Friendly Operation

With every weaving step designed to ease operational convenience,the Surprise SPR700 achieves high efficiency and superior performance,which makes it more user friendly and suitable for all weavers.

Introduction of Mechanical Electrical Integration

The Surprise SPR700 air jet weaving machine combines mechatronics with elegant industrial designs,imbibes more operator friendliness into its creation to produce ground breaking and future oriented quality products.

WUXI SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.owned by Wuxi Jingye Science and Technology Co., a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery founded in March 2004, which specializes in developing and manufacturing bran-new air-jet weaving machine.