Surprise’s Appearance in Milan ITMA Defends “Made in China” with its Strength

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Preface: With the continuous development of technology and quality of domestic textile machinery equipment, more and more domestic textile machinery enterprises begin to participate in international competitiveness, and various textile machinery exhibitions are the best places to show themselves. Surprises, China's leading manufacturer of air-jet weaving machine, with SPR700 among 183 Chinese textile enterprises attends the recent ITMA exhibition in Milan.

This is the very first time that Surprise participates in ITMA. The CEO of TTMN.COM interviews the Surprise’s president Ding Chaoying on the exhibition site. What are the goal and highlights of Surprise for coming to the distant Europe? TTMN.COM will answer it for you.
The First Appearance at ITMA in Europe 

The ITMA is held in Milan, Italy in November 2015, and this is the very first time that Surprise shows its appearance. With English and Italian translators, Surprise pays its great attention to the exhibition. 

Surprise’s this participation is not only because of its great confidence in the products, what’s more, it wants to build its reputation of air-jet weaving machine overseas. “We are here mainly to promote our brand and study the high-end technology of textile machinery at the same time. Foreign-owned suppliers also support us for coming here. ”

The CEO of TTMN.COM Mr Hua (left) and the president of Surprise Mr Ding (right)

In Ding chaoying’s opinion, the greatest difference of exhibition on abroad & at home lies in the customers: “middle Eastern men and North African would go to Shanghai, while Eastern European and Indians would rather go to Europe than China.”

TTMN.COM interviewed the president of Surprise Ding Chaoying in 2014

“We have two purposes, one is display ourselves, and the other one is to study and explore new markets.” says Ding Chaoying. Most of domestic air-jet weaving machine are made by imitating manufacturers’ products all this time, so domestic equipment is almost equal to a copy of foreign equipment." The ambition of "Chinese textile manufacture has entered the era of independent innovation, and we are capable of producing our own air-jet weaving machine." It has helped Surprise kept abreast of cutting-edge technology of worldwide weaving machines to update and improve the air-jet weaving machine. The target of research and producing the SPR700 is to set up new image of domestic air-jet weaving machine.

SPR700, the representative of domestic air-jet weaving machine
After years of study since 2007, Surprise launches SPR700 air-jet weaving machine, which are well-designed from appearance, rack construction to opening, beating-up, wefting, let-off and other details, what's more, the introduction of the mechatronics and modern industrial design concept has contributed to the high attention at the beginning of market.  

During the past eight years, Surprise has continuously improved the SPR700 air-jet weaving machine, the main machine of Surprise, to at top speed of 1200r/min, as well as excellent control ability and manufacture level with the help of market feedback. Specialized in wonderful wild weaving performance, SPR700 air-jet weaving machine is capable of producing 380cm wide dyed fabric with weft insertion rate of 2200m/min under the condition of 6 colors and 16 brown frames.
The negotiation between Surprise staff and customers

In addition to the outstanding hardware, details are essential to its success, which is reflected in the design of SPR700. The size and operating habits of previous imported high grade air-jet weaving machine are not fit for Chinese operators. Considered that there are mainly female tenders in China with short stature, Surprise specifically design the small size air-jet weaving machine for domestic textile machinery. On the contrary, most of operators in Southeast Asia and Middle East are male, which makes large size air-jet weaving machine popular.

The most innovative design of SPR700 is a curve of vertical construction, which distinguishes display areas and control regions. According to the analysis of operation state, every position and form are reasonable designed to enhance operation flexibility as well as reduce the risk of contacting with operators’ body.

SPR700's first appearance in Textile machinery exhibition in Indonesia in April 2014 means the coming of overseas markets. During April 9th to 12th 2015, the second time's participation of the 26th VIETNAM SAIGON TEXTILE & GARMENT INDUSTRY EXPO makes its brand so popular that some Indian customers even come to the exhibition and deeply touched by the features of high speed, superior quality and low-energy, thus they order 4 prototypes, which is the good beginning for air-jet weaving machine of Surprise to enter the Indian market.

SPR700 are sold in Vietnam

Focus on the mid- to high-end market

In January 2014, Surprise became the "new three board" enterprise, which makes it one of few listed companies in textile machinery industry. Surprise's success in coming into market shows that it's accepted in the field of air-jet weaving machine.

Before the production of SPR700, domestic middling and high level market was dominated by Tsudakoma, Toyota and other foreign enterprises rather than domestic ones. Domestic's Mid-and low-end air-jet weaving machine were largely imitations, whose level of mechatronics, machining versatility, operational performance, especially reliability existed big problems and were hardly serve customer's needs.
Surprise's booth in Milan ITMA in 2015

The production of SPR700 successfully break this disadvantage. With the help of R&D team's years of hard research in Surprise and market test, Surprise produces serial products, which have basically reached advanced international levels.

"Surprise hold its firm determination of producing and selling high-end air-jet weaving machine." Ding Chaoying, the president of Surprise mentioned in the interview of TTMN.COM in 2012. The products are mainly to meet the needs of medium-to-high end customers. Surprise's goal is to become strong by using its advantage than reckless expansion. After years of efforts, SPR700 air-jet weaving machine with high speed and high performance is listed in the national important equipment project, which is one of the essential equipment of promoting skills of textile industry, it's worth mentioning that as the high-end brand of domestic air-jet weaving machine, Surprise is recognized by insiders. 

The new development of air-jet weaving machine
"The textile industry in India, Vietnam and other countries is developing rapidly at present and in large demand of textile machinery products. Their requirements are high speed and high efficiency." Ding Chaoying who is the president of Surprise told the director of Textile Machinery Network company ( TTMN.COM ) that "high-speed, high efficiency, energy saving" are the main demand point of air-jet weaving machine for many textile enterprises in the current marketing environment. R&D in Surprise will focus on these aspects in future. For example, in terms of energy efficiency, SPR800 air-jet weaving machine from Surprise added automatically wefting insertion ATC and APC controlling and reduced 30% air consumption by the vice-nozzle one-to-two technology. All the mechanical parts and air system are re-optimized in SPR800, so the machine can work more reliability and stability, especially to meet above 1500 r/ min high-speed control requirements.

( Surprise Booth in Milan ITMA in 2015)

In order to be consistent with the world advanced level, the electrical control system of air-jet weaving machine from Surprise was upgraded and improved constantly. The integration of computer information management network system of communication, control, network and software technology have been adopted in the latest product of Surprise. Running online monitoring and remote operation of air-jet weaving machine can be achieved. This is the first time to significantly improve the intelligence level of domestic air-jet weaving machine.

To comply with the requirements of air-jet weaving machine in South Asia and Southeast Asia regions, Surprise will increase the market launch in these areas. "In order to achieve a certain status in overseas market, good quality of product is not enough, after-sale service is also very important. Local service center which made full preparations to provide the best service for customer has been established three months before products arrived in Indonesian market. All these measures will get more smoothly on opening up the international market for Surprise and help the domestic air-jet weaving machine to "going out" to set up a new image.

[Summary]: In this exhibition, the Surprise booth received a constant stream of visitors and air-jet weaving machine from Surprise have become very popular in India, Middle East, South America and many Italy local enterprises. Following Southeast Asia, the fame of Surprise has extended to Europe. New models product from Surprise is in tightly development currently and is expected to be officially launched in 2016.

WUXI SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.owned by Wuxi Jingye Science and Technology Co., a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery founded in March 2004, which specializes in developing and manufacturing bran-new air-jet weaving machine.