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Sutex Himatech integration Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called“SMTIC”) is a key subsidiary company under Jiangsu Textile industry(Group)imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. (short for“SUTEX GROUP”). SMTIC specializes in business of mechanical and electric products with the history about 30 years and has    built an experienced and vigorous staff team, which has set up good image on the customers both at home and abroad.

The main business scope includes textile machinery &accessories,power equipment, engineering machinery, building materials and hardware as well as energy-saving products. Famous brands such as“HY”,“SUTEX”, etc. are enjoyed by SMTIC, and these branded products are exported to many countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Czech, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Morocco, UAE, Greece, etc. Our top-quality products and good services make us reputed among the above markets and customers.

In the course of years’ development, SMTIC always focuses on customers. SMTIC has established the management systems such as iS09001: 2000 Quality Management System, ISO1 4001:2004 Environment

Management System and GB/T28001:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and keep on being improved so as to make continuous progress of management level of the company.


Compact spinning device technology is a new ring spinning technology based on traditional ring spinning, which is created for removing the major defect of twisting trigonum on traditional one accordingly.

Compact spinning technology means when the fibers passing from the main drafting area into the twisting area, by effect of airflow or machinery, makes the output incompact fiber gathering to the center of yarn main part, decrease and even remove the twisting trigonum, the final fiber will be more parallel, hairiness reduction with compact feature. In short, the course of treating the output fiber after drafting of ring spinning frame by effect of airflow or machinery,  in result that forms final yarn with compacting that names compact spinning technology.


Compact Ring Spinning Frame


Compact Ring Spinning Frame is one of our major products. This compact ring spinning frame is equipped with a airflow condensation system between drafting zone and twisting zone, which can minimize the spinning twisting triangle and improve quality of yarn through condensing fiber by negative pressure air. The machine is featured with high automation, easy operation convenient maintenance and high speed. It's able to produce better quality of spun yarns with high efficiency than normal ring spinning frame. The machine is applicable for spinning of cotton, cotton type chemical fibers or their blends with fiber length up to 65mrm according to various demands of customers.



1、Narrow machine width with 700mm distance between the center of two  opposite spindles on either side of the machine can make use of space effectively.


2、Quality aluminum alloy suction flute prevents sticking cotton and improve quality of yarn.


3、Step-lifting structure can be adjusted without changing the ratchet wheel, which ensures the form of yarn to be suitable for high-speed unwinding on the cone winder.


4、Main fan with one general air duct is adopted for airflow condensation negative pressure system.


5、Inverter is adopted to control negative pressure of compact spinning for all kinds of yarn count.


6、Modular design is adopted for compact spinning device, which makes the compact device simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.


7、The machine can be equipped with Over Head Cleaner.Core Yarn Spinning Device, and Slub Yarn Device which are for option.



1、Timing belt is adopted for the high-speed transmission from main shaft to the headstock, effectively reducing noise.


2、Closed showering oil lubrication system is adopted for gears in the headstock to ensure higher driving accuracy, low abrasion and long life of the, gears.


3、The change gears for twisting., drafting and winding are designed in the same Modulus, aperture and width so that they can be employed universally.



Steel helical gears are adopted. The driving system is tilted with auto-dropping lubrication system, and oiling quantity can be adjusted according to requirements.



The machine applies for dyeing or pretreatment & after-treatment of bobbin

yarn made of polyester and blended fibers. It can also applies for processing bobbin yarn made of cotton, acrylic woll and ect. at normal temperature. Changing different dyeing carriers, other fiber forms,such as hank yarn, bulk fiber, zipper, ticking buckle tape and wool sliver can be dyed by the machine.


Capacity: 12kg-1500kg

Max. work pressure: 0.44M Pa

Max. working temperature:135℃

Heating rate: about 30 minutes from 20℃to 135℃at saturated steam pressure 0.7Mpa

Cooling rate: about 20 minutes from 130℃to 80℃at cooling water pressure 0.3Mpa



The machine adopts pressure container design, which can ensure high temperature and high pressure. The machine applies for steaming all kinds of bobbin yarn.


Max.working temperature: 140℃

Vacuum: 0.09Mpa

Max. working pressure: 0.40Mpa

Work medium saturated steam

Capacity:according to requirements of customers



The machine applies for processing single fine yarn, silk, man-made silk, silky cotton and fine wool. The low energy consumption and large flow pump adopted in the machine, which can improve erosion resisting of pump and solve the problem of smaller spraying water flow at higher temperature. The durable weir flow type spray tubes can avoid yarn twisting to make yarn rewinding easier after dyeing.


Max. working temperature: 98℃

Temperature appreciating rate: about 4℃/minutes from 25℃- 98℃(at steam pressure7kg/cm)

Number of spray tube: 1-80

Capacity: 4.5kg-880kg


Since SPR700 air-jet looms debut in Beijing and Shanghai, two major textile machinery exhibitions,, either users or peers say that we figure looms like a graceful beauty. “Industrial design background, WuXi SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MAN U FACTURIN G CO., LTD., chairman Ding  Chaoying, for the birth of SPR700 a jet looms invested several hundred thousand dollars to hire Dr. of engineering and psychology of Zhejiang university using industrial design for machine appearance, function optimization, human-machine interface, and so on, with particular reference to the physical and psychological characteristics of the body for the Asian textile workers, and thus gained five patents for appearance and two patents tor inventions. He always believes, to create high-end looms in the“beauty”can bring considerable business benefits for him.


“Now the world’s textile center in shifting to Asia, in Asia the vast majority of loom tenders are women, therefore, loom structure should reasonable fit with human dimension. which is the body size of Asian textile women workers. In SPR the design of air--jet looms, according to the nature and processes, the whole display area and control area were clearly divided and set reasonable open status. The whole shape is simplicity, not only reduces the noise in the environment of visual information, and highlighted the fault signal in the monitoring phase of the operation “, principal designer of SPR700, Dr. Guan Xin, Zhejiang university, national laboratory of engineering psychology, explained to reporters her design philosophy.

In the opinion of professional designers, industrial design is based on the products’ features and characteristics of human studies to from product  innovation, its intuitive effect is beautiful appearance, but reflected the intrinsic value of the machine. Therefore, the industrial design has been a weapon for increasing value-added products, and then increasing market competitiveness.

This is a fact, once in a China international Textile Machinery Exhibition SPR booth was placed in the obscure corner, but her streamlined appearance and 1 200 rev/min speed attracted a large number of visitors gathered to watch.

“Now, in a variety of bidding projects we involved, she can stand out by virtue of delicate and particular appearance in many competitors and attract the user’s eyes to win more opportunities for us to compete for customers, Ding Chaoying told reporters that a considerable part of China’s textile machinery manufactures have been copied by copying foreign manufacturers, drawings, produced by the device is a replica of foreign equipment, causing severe market competition homogenization. Now, China’s textile machinery manufacturers began to enter the era of innovation, we have the ability to begin the design and manufacture loom products with more in line with Asian textile workers operated, and with Chinese Characteristics. Meanwhile, China’s textile machinery began to go abroad,and competing against foreign textile manufacturers, we need to have independent intellectual property rights of industrial design.

Textile entrepreneurs sense of innovation and the pursuit of desire to revitalize national industry is encouraging, but Ding Chaoying admits, though he invested in the industrial design is not yet give him actual and can be quantified economic benefits, but potential, intangible benefits obviously. He believes that this money was well spent!



The concept of industrial design was introduced to the textile manufacturing industry in the early 1980s, but has little impact on China’s textile machinery manufacturing. At present, China’s  textile machinery manufacturing industrial design is still in its infancy. In recent Chinese textile machinery exhibition, many of China’s textile enterprises have a preliminary attempt at industrial design, such as the Pacific Electrica, Jingwei Textile Machinery, Hebei Tajhang products made improvements of the overall sense of the loom. Product color overcome past messy, dark image, giving a light, clean, elegant, novel feeling, man-machine interface has been greatly improved.

China Textile Machinery Association, vice chairman Zhu Xianmin objective evaluated the status of China’s textile industrial design. He said that the industrial design of these manufacturers only stay on improving the appearance, but it's difficult to achieve improved structural performance. “But anyway, now that we’ve seen a lot of competitive textile enterprises are actively began to explore the industrial design, its significance lies not only improve the level of China’s textile machinery manufacturer has entered the machine from industrial design t0 improve stage, but also reflects China’s textile machinery enterprises to pursue innovation consciousness began to penetrate into all aspects of textile manufacturing. Even now just to make a fuss in appearance, but companies continue to explore the industrial design will enable China’s textile machinery manufacturer to achieve new leap forward.”


Wang Junmin, associate dean of Donghua university School of Mechanical Engineering, also explore textile enterprises in industrial design to give a positive initiative, he said: “in terms of product development point of view, these attempt and exploration are efforts for enterprise to improve product quality system, whether its process or the results are beneficial. Entrepreneurs need to be able to understand that the industrial design is not just the cost of inputs, and more importantly, to build a competitive advantage.”

With the increasingly fierce market competition, users of the text1e machinery industrial design requirements are also increasing, especially in the foreign market users, who pay more attention to the whole system of the machine design and user experience. Industrial design is good or bad will directly affect the user intuitive judgments of product quality, but also the important process of product quality user experience and initial experience. Technological progress to improve the product cost performance to replace pure price competition has been widely recognized by the market. Meanwhile, the benefits of industrial design to the textile business are enormous, it is an effective means to cultivate a loyal user base, creating differentiated advantages, enhance the role of value-added products and create new markets, promoting market segments, reduce costs. In a globalized economy increasingly fierce competition, the industrial design is becoming an important resource for business. Wang Junmin said that the current research strength of China’s industrial design is completely able for textile enterprises to improve the market competitiveness of products, helping to open up foreign markets.

If your business has a certain research strength; if you want to establish your own brands in the fierce market competition, come out on top; if your product is facing competition from foreign textile markets overseas counterparts; if the user of your product is not yet established enough confidence, maybe you should consider: Do your machine use industrial design?



We mastered modern design methods, and manufacturing technology of the new jet loom, overcome the bottleneck that constraints whole localization of High-speed air-jet looms-High reliability of electrical control systems. SPR700 series of new air-jet loom technology insertion rate over 1 500 m/min: mean time between failures of more than 4000 hours of high-performance, leading domestic and international advanced level. “WuXi SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., President Ding Chaoying spoke about their self-developed jet loom very confidently.

Jet loom is widely recognized as the project is very difficult to overcome. High-grade jet looms have insurmountable technical difficulties. So imported air-jet looms still occupy more than 70% market share. A private company in WuXi, why so confident?

“ SPR has advantages in electrical control system, but also gathered a study group of experts and professionals dedicated to High-speed air jet looms.     Sincerely hope that they can achieve a major breakthrough for our high-end    air-jet looms research.”Deceased Chinese ACademy of Engineering, Mei Ziqiang also have high hopes for thiSs product answered reporter’s question when he alive.


WuXi SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHIN E MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., the parent is specialized in textile machinery, control system development and production of high-tech companies: WuXi JINGYE SPR SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. The company developed a DF15OC, JY3OO rapier

control box, DF50 card features a display controller, JY200 system control box water jet looms and many other new products.Rapier control box which has since put into annual sales of nearly 60,000 units in the domestic market share of nearly 70%, was designated as WuXi protection products and WuXi City brand by WuXi Quality and Technical Supervision.

WuXi JINGYE SPR SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has accumulated years of rapier technology control system development, production and marketing experience to get involved in high-end air-jet loom control system made adequate technology, personnel, capital and other resources to reserves, the latest mechatronics has laid a solid foundation for independent research jet loom control system. After trial and laboratory research cooperation. WUXI JINGYE SPR SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. successfully developed JY700 jet looms sets in 2005.


“We have a team dedicated to the control system reliability including postdoctoral studies, two associate professors and three senior engineers. At the jet loom manufacturing industry, know ‘SPR’ perhaps not so much, but talking about experts of SPR jet looms R&D team, all the prestigious ‘national treasure of talent’ of the industry.” When briefing SPR jet looms R&D team, Ding Chaoying’s pride was palpable.

According to the reports, the chief engineer, who responsible for the mechanical parts of air-jet looms SPR development and the whole system integration, has been committed to the development of textile products business. He has presided GA74 series rapier, GA708, GA718 jet looms and other national key new product development work, get Shanghai Outstanding New Product Award and the Hong Kong Sangma Foundation Personal Technology Award and many other honors.

Another expert is responsible for product development of electrical control systems Jingye SPR Company’s chief Vclothing, mainly engaged in textile machinery computer control aspects of high-speed electronically controlled automatic air-jet looms systems and other major patent inventor. Thougha Japan electrical company want to hire him with high salary, the expert still choose to join SPR jet looms team which gathered many human resources.

High reliability of electrical control systems, Plus the national treasure R&D team, WUXI SPR AiR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., has a strong hear and rich human resources,after decades of temper,bred SPR700 speed high-performance air-jet loom, shocked the textile machinery industry.

WUXI SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.owned by Wuxi Jingye Science and Technology Co., a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery founded in March 2004, which specializes in developing and manufacturing bran-new air-jet weaving machine.