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WUXi SPR Air-jet Weaving Machine,Manufacturing Co., Ltd.owned by Wuxi Jingye SPR Science Technology Co,.Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery founded in March 2004,which specializes in developing and manufacturing bran-new air-jet weaving machine.

The company takes the advantages from the parent company,which has engaged in developing and manufacturing automatic control system for shuttle-less weaving machines,of extensive knowledge and worldwide information in textile machinery. It offers the textile industry a new and advanced air-jet weaving machine which is designed and developed independently and integrates latest technology of optics machinery.electricity and weaving.

The company has many senior experts in this field. Some professors from famous universities in China take part in the research work. Thus product is upgraded and the capacity of subsequent research and development is guaranteed.The company owns two manufacturing workshops covering an area of 13000㎡. Surprise SPR700 air-jet weaving machine is now in batch production.

Despitethe textile market is not satisfactory,but WuJiang MingShiDa Textile Company by virtue of high value-added jacquard blackout drapes win the initiative in the market.Chairman Yang Weiming undisguised inner joy,he told reporters,shade cloth can be sold¥21 per meter,higher than conventional fabrics full price.He said that this success benefited from they encountered the best partner,SPR,which providing 36 air-jet weaving machine for the processing of shade cloth.

Three advantages conquest customers

Shade cloth is very popular jacquard fabrics for curtains on the market in recent years. On one hand,processing these fabric needs with this fabric Jacquard,on the other hand it also has some special requirements to weaving machine. Since there is still no special designed equipment for these fabrics, most companies can only renovate their own weaving machine. In earlier this year when WuJiang MingShiDa Textile Company prepare the shade cloth,the choice of equipment is also devoted a lot of brains,they visited a few companies producing air-jet weaving machine,and after careful analysis theyfinally decided SPR Company to produce this machine for themselves.

Founded in 1998,WuJiang MingShiDa Textile Company work started by water weaving machine.After the completion of the company’s primitive accumulation,they gradually began to technological innovation,the adjustment of product structure,and the introduction of 100 Tsudakoma air-jet weaving machine,began on a jacquard fabrics three year ago.Upgrade technology and equipment,so MingShiDa Textile Company’s products will soon have a qualitative leap,the production of fabrics primarily for FUANNA, Mendale,Mercury and other well—known textile companies. In addition to the major domestic market,the MingShiDa products gradually export into France,Belgium and other overseas markets,even into the UAE royal family.

Continuous improvement of product quality and increasing fame,making the company chairman Yang Weiming more careful selection of products,and more demanding for equipment requirements.

Yang Weiming said,because they are the first to introduce the Tsudakoma jet weaving machine, so they could not help a slight worry about to purchase domestic air-jet weaving machine.However, when the excellent results, curtains with the weave of the fabric,was weaved by combination of SPR700-EJ-ET2C-360DB and jacquard perfectly,Yang Weiming was completely conquered, and make himself a new understanding to domestic air-jet weaving machine. Yang Weiming summarized SPR weaving machine as three major advantages:First, the perfect combination of electronic control systems with independent intellectual property rights and advanced mechanical design make it easy to operate. Second,the body structure is reasonable,to ensure the stability of the equipment; Third, less gas consumption,saving more than 30%.

In such an era of fierce competition, the customer must be picky,it must be rational,and it is pragmatic,seeking to maximize profits.Therefore,we have almost no reason not to believe YangWeiming praise for SPR air-jet weaving machine is sincere.

Simple woven high---quality fabrics

For business users praise SPR, chairman Ding Chaoying was very calm. He said that after nearly five years of market testing, the SPR700 system air-jet weaving machine has been very mature.The cooperation with MingShiDa launch air-jet specifically for processing shade cloth,which is based on the SPR700 series,perform some key components of the design transformation according to the special requirements of weaving shade cloth fabric. He said that continue to develop and re-optimize the device features according to market changes and customer needs has become a normal business work for SPR Company.

With the strong core technology advantages of self-control air-jet electrical control system,SPR700 series of new air-jet weaving machine available in 2006 to craft a weft insertion rate of more than 1500 m/min to make domestic counterparts praise endless. Years passed,and WUXI SPR Company refresh his own record step by step, and every year new technologies presented to the user.

In 2008,WUXI SPR Air-jet Weaving Machine Manufacturing Co,Ltd. launched SPR700 new air-jet to 1200 rev/min speed to break the domestic record of its own maintained, then successfully challenge insertion rate 2300 m/min to new heights. Another high-end fabrics suitable for weaving, reed width of 360 cm SPR700-PT-ET2C-360 machine,air-jet machine to break the domestic routine 4-5 sub nozzle only by the one solenoid valve control,created by a solenoid valve control only two auxiliary nozzles precedent. From 2009 onwards, the SPR Company trying to expand the air-jet machine to home textiles and industrial fabrics,the launch of the SPR700-PD-ET6C-400 cm machine,with four meters of domestic jet loom reed width with the widest 6-color weft and electronic dobbyshedding, provide a new idea of selection of air-jet weaving machine for textile enterprises. In 2010, SPR launched to market a new full range of SPR700 air-jet  machine,width from 190 cm to 400 cm,open form of positive cam shedding, active electronic and electronic jacquard dobby,weft selected by double spray,spray four to six spray.

This year, for the successful development of shade cloth weaving SPR700-EJ-ET2C-360DB air-jet weaving machine, making SPR air-jet weaving machine in the textile field has a new breakthrough.

Ding Chaoying said,five years,they have been guided by a “product easiest high-quality fabric weaving machinery” principle, from the appearance,the frame structure,to opening,beating,weft,electronic let-off,electronic take-up and other details,have carried out painstaking research, and the introduction of mechatronics and modern industrial design, launch SPR700 air-jet weaving machine have been highly recognized by users. Currently,SPR700 air-jet weaving machine are in Jiangsu, Zheqiang, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan and other provinces in the textile industry mainly sold nearly 2,000 units.

Reporters interviewed several SPR air-jet weaving machine users in Nantong and WuJiang,they said,the levels of performance and technology of SPR air-jet weaving machine gap with imported air—jet machine have been very small, also failure rate during operation was low.In particular,the most noteworthy is that SPR air-jet weaving machine has an absolute cost advantage.

Both China’s and the world’s

High-grade air-Jet weaving machine has long been considered one of China’s textile industry hardest insurmountable technical difficulties, till now the number of air-jet weaving machine imported annually is about 20,000 units, more than 80% of market share. Although China has introduced since 1992 “two machine” project the domestic air-jet weaving machine have made great progress in recent years and the emergence of SPR and other technical enterprises in air-jet weaving machine with independent intellectual property, but weaving enterprises select the domestic or imported air-jet weaving machines are often still undecided, repeatedly doing compared, MingShiDa is not exception.

Speaking from the initial use of the Japanese Tsudakoma jet machine,to change the choice of domestic equipment, YangWeiming said.it is no doubt that imported air-jet machine on the technical performance and stability is very good,but the price is the enterprise had to burden is a big problem. Currently, the price of an imported is higher than domestic 10 million,while the air-jet weaving enterprises generally do not buy just one or two, but hundreds or even thousands, so it is not a small gap between domestic and imported,especially constantly changing incoming parts also a great investment after a year.

Yang Weiming said SPR air-jet weaving machine from the use of more than six months of the actual situation,the aircraft performance level has reached 95% of imports. His evaluation of SPR air-jet weaving machine is:both China’s and the world’s. He said,with SPR air-jet weaving machine, he could not consider the import of air-jet machine. In his opinion, SPR air-jet weaving machine fully meet the needs of their businesses. Moreover, SPR air-jet weaving machine in some respects also has its own unique, give them a lot Of surprises. For example, this SPR700-EJ-ET2C-360DB machine in the configuration of the upper and lower biaxial, width to 360 cm still weaving to stabilize at a high state of tension through, this is difficult for other weaving machines.

The efficiency of air-jet machine weaving is one of the important factors to improve economic efficiency of enterprises, the efficiency of air-jet weaving machines imported up to 95% to 98%, the plane first-class rate above 90%, if the air-jet efficiency by 1%, then a year would increase

Revenue $1,000- $1,500.Reporters saw at Ming ShiDa the computer display power efficiency of 97% by running SPR700-EJ-ET2C-360DB,the company technical personnel said,the plane first-class rate is also above than 90%.

In addition,the air-jet weaving Process, energy consumption has been dominated by a large proportion of the cost,with gradually increasing the proportion of energy prices, how to reduce gas consumption, energy has become an air-jet machine and textile producer users of common concern problems. What Yang Weiming surprised is SPR700-EJ-ET2C-360DB energy saving effect is very obvious, the estimated compressor can throttle nearly 30%, greatly reducing costs. Next year he plans to run 100 SPR air-jet weaving machines, within five years to reach 500.

To enable weaving enterprises, biased or questionable of domestic air-jet looms more like him,have a comprehensive understanding of the real. Yang Weiming companies are still at the gate hung a “SPR air-jet weaving machine demonstration plant sign. Yang Weiming very generous welcome weaving enterprise companies to visit.

“SPR700-EJ-ET2C-360DB air-jet machine woven shade cloth sales more than 100 units this year only in WuJiang. This month another units will be delivered to users,' Ding Chaoying said, for SPR, now the biggest worry is due to progress”Retreat from the urban area and shift to industry zones' project is slow, which make them difficult to achieve the planned production capacity, thus affecting the company to achieve an annual output of 1,200 goals.


Ding Chaoying, the chairman of WUXI SPR Air-JET WEAVING      MAC HINE MANU FACT URlNG CO,LT D., when learned that reporters want to interview industrial design, he told reporters that the Seventh China Industrial Design Expo will be held in Wuxi. He kindly invited reporters to Wuxi to feel the new atmosphere of industrial design.

China Industrial Design Expo has been held for seven years in Wuxi, perhaps under the influence of this atmosphere, Ding Chaoying was decided to introduce the concept of industrial design at the beginning of R&D of SPR700 air-jet weaving machine. Although he cannot explain the concepts of industrial design using clear and simple language,and also cannot expect how much incomes would be earned after invested several hundred thousand dollars to make industrial design,but he believed that industrial design magic would enable SPR700 revitalized.

Establish a new image of China’s weaving machine

When China’s weaving machinery manufacturing industry sprout, industrial design was popular, but not all weaving machine enterprises are really understand it, most of them only changed the appearance of the machine slightly after finishing product development. But the younger enterprise, SPR, implanted the concepts of industrial design in early of development of SPR700.

All along,the domestic air-jet weaving machine manufacturers are relying on copying and replacing foreign manufacturer’s drawings, produced the machine is a replica of foreign equipment, give the impression that they are foreign derivatives, lack of technical content and independent product image. “ Now, China’s weavingmachine manufacturers began to enter the era of innovation, we have the ability to manufacture China’s own air-jet weaving machines. So, when we project SPR700 we hope to establish a new image of air-Jet weaving machine made in China by industrial design.”Ding Chaoying said.Though at that time he was not depth into the technical and functional aspects of the industrial design, but he has a passion for innovation and pursuit unconventional.

Ding Chaoying immediately invited the National Engineering Laboratory of Zhejiang University, and hired Dr.Guan Xin as chief designer of the SPR700 project, so that industrial design has become an integral part of the product design system.

User-centered philosophy

Guan Xin, Engineering Psychology PHD of Zhejiang University. Her national professional engineering psychology laboratory of Zhejiang University has undertaken a variety of more than 120 world-class research, and SPR700 is the first case of weaving machine project the laboratory undertake.

A year ago before for the design proposed,the laboratory has already begun discussions on this project,and conducted a number of communication on the main design concepts with SPR company, so that both parties agree on the positioning of the product design goals.

“At that time, we first proposed to design an air-jet weaving machine suit Chinese users and with SPR style and character, because we believe that with the world weaving manufacturing center shifting to Asia, the Asian market will be our main market, but the current high-end air-jet weaving machine was imported from European, which size and operation habits is not convenient to our users.” Zhao Siwel, the Chief Engineer of SPR7000, recalls.

“According to the requirements SPR company, we have established a ' user-centered ' design principles, that is, the users’ interests and needs based, in order to reduce the users’ physical and mental workload and improve the user experience for benign goal.The core part of the design concept comes from the design psychology.’ Dr. Guan Xin explained her design philosophy. For example, in SPR700 body shape design, the designers give full consideration to the traditional ergonomics and focus on the human dimension, posture and other physical problems. Due to the vast majority of Asia textile women has relatively short stature, so SPR700 was more compact with more reasonable relationship with the body size of textile female workers.

On the surface, the industrial design of SPR700 make a fuss about nothing more than appearance. In fact, both the appearance and function of such a seemingly small changes, which implies the machine designer concerned about the subtle psychological problems such as use ease and visibility.

The highlights of SPR700, most innovative and reflect product style, is a curve of the fuselage vertical. Depending on the operating nature and processes, this curve divided the display area and the control area,and then based on the operating status of the analysis, the location and shape of each region were reasonable designed.For example, from the side, the keys and touch screen located in the upper part of the curve,that is,within a clear vision when operator standing; tune recessed valve plate is located at the middle of the curve and is a semi-open, user-friendly operation, while not substantially increase the risk of contact with the user’s body. Furthermore, the design of disposable housing side on the wheel structure was improved so that the operation of this part of the potential risk reduction.The overall shape of the curve of a certain arc, and the body curve echoes the position of the user to play a role in supporting the abdomen of contact. Whole appearance of simplicity, it is possible to reduce the noise in the environment of visual information in the monitoring phase of the operation to highlight the fault signal, to facilitate the timely processing of workers.

Success lies in a profound insight

“ The main difficulty in the industrial design of complex mechanical products, is coordination of functional design and appearance design. Industrial design should be generated from the product design and guide the product design, project SPR700 introduced industrial design in the early of development period, so we have to get maximum space to implement our design philosophy, so it makes the project a success.” in summarizing the design experience of the project, Dr.Guan Xin considered enterprises deeply understand the industrial design determines the success of the design.

Technical Specification




Weaving width

Nominal reed with(cm)


Rang of yarns



Weft selection

Double co,ours, four colors, six colors are available

Main drive

Starting mode

Rush-start motor, direct starting mode button switch,slow motion via frequency conversion

Motor power


Weft insertion

Main nozzle, sub nozzle, profile reed type auxiliary main nozzle

Stretch nozzle

Weft insertion control

Main fold integral solenoid valve sub nozzle for different color control max weft insertion rate 2300m/min

Programmable electronic weft brakes

Measuring feeder

Electric control coil separate type feeder

Coil preventing mechanism


Crank type multiple sley sword beating mechanism  4rods beating(230 cm and below)  6 rods beating (250 cm and above)

Equipment with multi-supporting rack and balancing weight


Shedding mode

Active can shedding (8 purchasing heald frames at most)

Electric dobby shedding (16 purchasing heald frames at most)

Jacquard shedding


Electronic let-off (AC servo)

Twin rear rod system

Active easing motion

Plate diameter

800mm, 930mm, 1000mm


Take-up mode

Mechanical take-up, electronic take-up, weft density changing style is avarable

Max roll diameter


Weft density


Fabric length monitoring

Man-machine interface display (m/yard), fixed-length stopping function

This is true, after SPR700 birth, it has received five appearance patents and an utility patents. “ In the various bidding projects, it can in order to elaborate a unique look at the many competitors and attract the user’s attention, to win more opportunity to us.” Ding Chaoying believes this implant humane ideas products will bring users a different experience, but also will bring more benefits and more markets to SPR company.

WUXI SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.owned by Wuxi Jingye Science and Technology Co., Ltd.is a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery founded in March 2004, which specializes in developing and manufacturing bran-new air-jet weaving machine.