Surprise SPR 700 How to Go In the Next Ten Years?

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        For domestic air-jet weaving machine, the year of 2005 is a challenging year.

        This year, the SPR 700 air-jet weaving machine which developed by Wuxi SPR Air-jet Weaving Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was turned out and widely praised by domestic and foreign audiences in the Tenth China International Textile Machine Exhibition. Because the supporting of import tax policy, when compared with foreign air-jet weaving machine the domestic machine almost lost competitiveness before the SPR 700, thus barely no domestic air-jet weaving machine can be seen in the market.

Surprise SPR 700 Air-jet Weaving Machine

        At that time, SPR is a company just founded only one year. Since the foundation of SPR, chairman Ding Chaoying has decided to develop an alternative of imported air-jet weaving machine. Through his tireless efforts, the company has successfully developed SPR 700 Air-jet Weaving Machine whose all indicators data have reached the domestic leading level and with high performance. At the Tenth International Exhibition held in 2005, the demo speed reached 750rpm/min and attracted lots of attention.

        Halfway decent and made breakthroughs

        Wuxi SPR Air-jet Weaving Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. owned by Wuxi Jingye SPR Science Technology Co., Ltd. has always been to develop automated control system and have many achievements in this field. At that time the textile industry was in a golden period, but the air-jet weaving machine market was relatively quiet. When Ding Chaoying was the chairman of Jingye Surprise, he has seen the prospect of China-made air-jet weaving machine, so he founded Wuxi Surprise in 2004 and began to develop air-jet weaving machine heavily.

        Ding Chaoying has made a detailed inspection of air-jet weaving machine market before this, usually he talked with the technical personnel and founded that foreign machines were expensive and with long delivery, while the domestic technology could not meet the requirements of manufactures, thus many SMEs were worried about this. Therefore, Wuxi Surprise soon decided to launch the air-jet weaving machine project.

Surprise SPR 700 Air-jet Weaving Machine production line

        The air-jet weaving machine is widely recognized as very difficult project to overcome, and the high-end air-jet weaving machine project has always been insurmountable technical difficulties in China textile machinery industry. The company takes the advantages from the parent company, which has engaged in automatic control system, the SPR 700 Air-jet Weaving Machine was quickly developed. While compared with foreign advanced air-jet weaving machine, the SPR 700 still have deficiencies, but its technology has reached the demand of home manufactures and with high performance, so it has been warmly welcomed by the market since launched.  

        Making air-jet weaving machine to its ultimate 

        In 2006, the high cost performance SPR 700 started mass production. Textile mills in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and so on began to use this machine widely and they are satisfied with the using effect. Since that the Surprise SPR 700 air-jet weaving machine has laid foundation of reputation in the industry, and the situation of import air-jet weaving machine who occupied the domestic market has been broken.

        After the success of SPR700, the Surprise Company did not hurry to introduce new machine, on the contrary, its just upgraded the machine in many aspects steadily and surely, and try to make the air-jet weaving machine to its ultimate.
After found the way into the home market, SPR 700 began to export the international market. Now the Surprise SPR 700 air-jet weaving machine has been exported to many foreign countries and sold overseas. This is the first Chinese private enterprise whose air-jet weaving machine production brand opened the door to the international market.

The fleet of Surprise is shipping the air-jet weaving machines to the container and preparing from Shanghai port to Vietnam 

        Since the emergency at the Tenth International Textile Machinery Exhibition, Surprise participate all exhibitions, “Perhaps we have gaps between the world’s leading air-jet weaving machine manufactures but our machines are excellent in domestic, we need to show the strength of Chinese air-jet weaving machine. In addition, ITMA will attract many customers from African and South African and also helps to develop the international market. ” Ding Chaoying thought that participated exhibitions playing a big role in promoting their products. 

        However, since SPR 700 made a good start, the number of domestic air-jet weaving machine manufacturers gradually raised which could saw clues from this year exhibition. In recent years, with the development of technology, many home textile machinery manufactures began to develop air-jet weaving machine and achieved good results. The air-jet weaving machine of Shandong Rifa RFJA20-230, CMT HCP810, Tianyi Red Flag JA91-190 and other companies occupied a certain market share, and with the solid strength of foreign big brands such as Tsudakoma, Picanol, Yida Group and others, the domestic air-jet weaving machine market has changed from the “Blue Ocean” into “Red Sea”.

        Innovation is the driving force of an enterprise’s development, from 2005 to 2015, Surprise air-jet weaving machine has gone through ten years. Now Surprise is proceeding to develop SPR 800, when faced with the fierce competition, Surprise also needs a lot of effort on the new type. Whether it can stand out once again, let’s observe the reaction of the market quietly. 

WUXI SPR AIR-JET WEAVING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.owned by Wuxi Jingye Science and Technology Co., a leading enterprise in the field of textile machinery founded in March 2004, which specializes in developing and manufacturing bran-new air-jet weaving machine.